Best Vape Starter Kits for Beginners

Best Vape Starter Kits for Beginners

Vape Starter Kits recommended for beginners usually consist of e-cig, pens,
etc. They are a lot easier to handle than box mods. So, these suit beginners well. AIO (all-in-one) mods which comprise of built-in tanks and batteries can also be categorized under Vape kits for beginners. The vape starter kits helps new vapers catch up with Vaping industry quickly.

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  3. Vape Dubai says:

    all the mods I’ve used have internal batteries: Here’s my question……When getting a MOD that takes 18650 batteries, I get confused on WHICH 18650s because they are all rated differently.

    • Kheldar Tanner says:

      Hi! When It comes to choosing a battery for your device you need to understand that 18650 sized batteries can come in 2500mah, 3000mah or 3500mah sizes. This refers to how much power is held in the battery.
      If you’re worried over brands we can recommend Samsung batteries or Efest as companies we trust and use!
      Hope this was helpful!
      Thanks, Vape Empire Team

  4. Pods In Dubai says:

    I just read your article I have wanted to stop smoking for years but idk it’s a lot harder than people think my father was a heavy smoker my whole life and I started at a young age he passed away about four months ago from lung cancer I saw a strong man wither away so fast I was there with him until the end it’s not a joke I really liked your video because it’s true I had tried to go into a smoke shop and there was so much going on they were asking me about lung to mouth ratio and something about cloud i didn’t understand anything I just left everything that they were talking about coils idk I got frustrated because I just wanted to stop smoking but with everything they were trying to get me to buy separately I couldn’t afford I left everything to come take care of my dad it was easy to just go to the store and pick up a pack of cigarettes this was very informative

  5. Kheldar Tanner says:

    Hello! First of all, we are very sorry to hear about your fathers battle with cancer… However, you are still here to fill his shoes and its never too late to make a change for your own future. Switching to vapes is not for everyone and that’s okay! It can be very confusing.
    An incredible and easy to use device is the Innokin T18! Found Here: (

    If you have any questions about the technology please don’t hesitate to leave another comment or contact us directly!
    We wish you the best of luck in your quitting journey. Its never easy, but everybody believes in you!
    For more quitting tips see your GP for other methods and techniques to help you live your best life!

    Thanks, loads for your comment!
    Vape Empire Team

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