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A first of its kind modern concept Vape shop in Melbourne, Australia. Our store in Footscray has been designed keeping clean lines and light tones in mind providing a warm and welcoming retail experience to the growing Vaping Community and beyond. Walking into our Melbourne store, you will experience an open plan layout making browsing through our varied range of products more engaging and interactive.



Come on down and see us today to say hello and find out about the latest trends in the Vape Community. We are as excited about having the latest mods as you are and we regularly updating our stocks. Buy Now and you will not regret your decision.

If you are visiting Melbourne or live locally you can find us on Google Maps by searching for Vape shops or Vaporiser store in Melbourne near me and sort by the highest rated store and you will see Vape Empire on the top with All Stars thanks to our Great customers and their valued feedback! Read more about Vape Empire.

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Latest Vaping Products in Australia

The Vaping industry today is very dynamic and progressive, releasing new products every day. If you are new to vaping and just starting, this journey can be overwhelming. You will get our expert recommendation and tips on all Vape products and how to care for them properly. We have a full range of options for Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits, Vape Pens, AIO (All in One) Kits, Vape Pod Kits. We understand how important it is for you to start this journey. We have products in varied price options from cheap mods to luxury mods to suit every budget and lifestyle.

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We are passionate about Vape Culture and the Vaping lifestyle. We maintain a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with our full range of vaping products from various brands. We value our customers in-store and online experience the most. Our mission is to provide the best service you will get in a Vape store be it West Footscray, Melbourne, Sydney or All over Australia. You can visit us at our Brick and Mortar Vape Shop in Melbourne. Shop any of our products online and have it delivered right from the comfort of your own home. We are always running vape promotions, deals, giveaways and sales in-store and online, and we also offer free shipping (conditions apply) on our website.

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